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Magic Show

Magic Show

Sean Masterson's all ages magic shows have been featured at Theater Wit on Belmont Avenue in Chicago every winter since 2011. Each show imaginatively combines sleight-of-hand, mind blowing illusions, and audience participation. His skills as an actor bring the magic to life through storytelling and puppets (who also perform amazing feats of magic).

Sean is the perfect magician for a corporate family fun day event. He has performed for dozens of events at the campus headquarters of Abbott Labs, CDW, and Argonne National Laboratories.

"very skilled and highly entertaining" heralds Chris Jones The Chicago Tribune's theater critic.

Besides his yearly run at Theater Wit Sean makes regular appearances at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI and the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Sean show is always a hit at family gatherings, summer camps, schools and libraries.

"Sean Masterson's family magic show blends humor, whimsy, and impressive illusions into a performance that is gentle enough for the youngest magic enthusiast, and intriguing enough to keep adults guessing." A. Krawczyk, Barrington Library

Call Sean to learn how his show can be the perfect fit for your next event.