Masterson Magic



"He's a fine close-up magician, a warm performer, and it's hard to figure out how he does what he does." 
Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

"magician/raconteur Sean Masterson and his eye-popping, mind-boggling parlor tricks." 
Lawrence Bommer, The Chicago Reader

"Prestidigitation for the Harry Potter generation, with a minimum of flash and a maximum of understated showmanship..." 
Kerry Reid, The Chicago Tribune

"Sean Masterson's family magic show blends humor, whimsy, and impressive illusions into a performance that is gentle enough for the youngest magic enthusiast, and intriguing enough to keep adults guessing." 
Aly Krawczyk, Barrington Area Library

"Your presence added a touch of magic to a successful celebration." 
Paul Van Halteren, Consulate of Belgium

"Sean was terrific at my wife's birthday party. Very impressive performance combined with a great way of engaging the guests. I highly recommend him."
Lawrence Swibel

"Sean is a very talented magician. He performed at my parents home in Chicago for our NYE engagement party and he really made the party a night to remember. Extremely talented and a great story teller!"
Julia Feldman

"Everyone loved having you this year." 
Julie Ratowitz, Lake Shore Country Club

Recent clients include:

Ridgemoor Country Club
Bridgeview Bank
Half Acre Brewery
Skokie Country Club
Warren Barr
Inverness Country Club
Skyline Design
Penny Pritzker
Museum of Contemporary Art
Driehaus Museum